Refund of extra baggage

Refund of additional services

Refund of the cost of the "Excess Baggage" service received on a paid basis.

To get a refund for the “Excess Baggage” service not provided, we suggest that you fill out a form for refunding the cost of the “Excess Baggage” service. This form is intended to initiate the procedure for refunding the paid cost of the "Excess baggage" service, issued exclusively through the corporate website of Uzbekistan Airways JSC.

If the service is provided in the sales offices of Uzbekistan Airways JSC or through third-party sites, please contact this office for a refund of the cost of the service.

The amount of the refund due to you is made in accordance with the approved rules for refunding amounts for an unprovided service (clause 4 of the Public Offer).

This form should not be used to inquire about the cost of services or the amount of the refund. After submitting this form, the service provided will be canceled.

Refunds to the Client are made by bank transfer, to the current account of the owner of the bank card, from which the ticket price was paid.