Refund of paid seats

Seat refund

Cancellation of a selected seat on a free basis.

The cancellation of the selected seats free of charge is carried out through the Seat selection section of the site. To cancel a seat in the corresponding fields on the first page of the section enter the ticket number, name and route. Choose Booking. On the next page of the section containing the flight information check the Cancel the seat option at the bottom of the page.

Filling the form below is not required.

Refund of the cost of the service Seat selection, obtained on a fee basis.

For a refund for not rendered service Seat selection please fill in the refund form of the Seat selection service. This form is designed to initiate the procedure of refund of service cost of Seat selection, designed exclusively through the corporate website of the JSC "Uzbekistan airways".

If the service is provided in the sales offices of JSC "Uzbekistan airways" or through the third-party sites, please contact this offices for the refund.

The amount of your refund is made in accordance with the approved rules of reimbursement for a not rendered service (a reference to p. 4 of the public offer), and also depends on the dates of your executed flight.

This form should not be used in order to learn the cost of services or the amount of the refund. After you submit this form Your seat will be cancelled. The period of registration of the refusal and the refund to the bank card is not more than five working days.

Refund of funds to the Customer shall be effected by bank transfer to the account of the owner of the bank card from which the cost of the air ticket was paid.